The Tourism Council’s overall mandate is to identify, consider, make proposals and act as needed regarding tourism development and promotion issues of concern to the community, and to help tourism-oriented Chamber members to better develop, promote and market their product and services.

Major Initiatives:

  • Support the development of a tourism website:  The Tourism Council is working in close partnership with Destination Wakefield to support the development and ongoing updates of a new website to promote tourism in the region through
  • Tourism Ambassadors:  The Tourism Council is working closely with the Fairbairn House to encourage the dissemination of information to tourists in the village of Wakefield through a Tourist Ambassador program where students will walk about the village and be available provide information to tourists during the summer months.
  • Develop and promote tourism events:  The Tourism Council continues to support and promote existing tourist events in region, while we are also seeking to establish new events such as bringing the Gatineau Loppet to Wakefield and the establishment of a Wakefield – La Pêche gastronomical showcase.
  • Liaison with provincial and federal tourism organizations:  Working with regional, provincial and federal organizations to ensure Wakefield – La Pêche is highlighted in as a tourist destination with all of our partners.
  • Establishment of a tourist office:  Working towards the eventual establishment of a tourist office for Wakefield – La Pêche.