Projet riverain Wakefield

The Project Steering Committee of the Wakefield Waterfront Revitalization Project (Canada 150) is pleased to release the preliminary design concept for the upgrades to the components of the existing infrastructure of the parks and waterfront. These drawings will be used to present the project and solicit comments and feedback from citizens of the Municipality of La Pêche. Note that as per the provisions of the agreements signed with the funding partners, upgrades are restricted to existing infrastructure as describe in the Project Components listed below.

Draft Concept Designs by Park:

Project Components: 

Municipal parks targeted for upgrades are Roquebrune (Turntable), Geggie and Peace plus a safe passage corridor from Peace Park through Rompre Park to the Wakefield LaPeche Centre.

  1. General parks improvements: clearing of trees, levelling, rehabilitation of the wooden retaining wall, repair of the fences, lookout refurbishment, improvement of the access to the water, fixed picnic tables and benches, lighting, etc.
  1. Replacement of current dock, rehabilitation of the existing pedestrian ramp, and asphalt resurfacing: the proposal includes the potential for expanding and upgrading a dock for non-motorized boats at the site of the current “Sisttie” dock, allowing improved public access. Dock size will be approximately 60 metres. 
  1. Improvements of the shoreline path: expansion of the existing pathway(s) to allow for safe, multi-use activity and the creation of a 200-metre boardwalk where land is too narrow to allow safe, multi-use passage.

The main objective is to unify the Wakefield Bay waterfront as a linear park and multi-use trail. The existing rail tracks are currently used as walking paths and need to be expanded and improved to allow pedestrians and cyclists in summer and cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in winter.  The rails will remain in place for the eventual return of the train.


The railway path between the Jamboree store and Geggie park (about 700 feet or 200 metres) are a dangerous area for pedestrians and cyclists. A short cantilevered boardwalk will allow for multi-use by citizens, leave the tracks in place, and provide magnificent views of the bay and waterfront.

  1. Expanding, improving and resurfacing parking areas: there are limited public parking spaces associated with these parks and those that exist are not used properly because they are unpaved and without delineated spaces. This causes traffic congestion at various sites, improper parking and poses risks to pedestrians. Parking sites targeted for improvement are off Manse Rd and along Riverside Road in front of Roquebrune Park.
  1. Renovation of the washroom building located at Roquebrune Park: the current building does not meet citizen and visitor needs and must be expanded in size with a design that better integrates with the park and incorporates additional shelter.

NOTE: The project makes provisions to keep the railway tracks in place in the event the steam train should return. Refurbishment to Roquebrune Park takes into account this eventuality.  

Project Funding

Total project budget is $958,000 for infrastructure upgrades to Municipal parks and improved safe water access in the Wakefield sector of the Municipality of La Pêche.

TOTAL PROJECT VALUE WHEN ALL FUNDING IS COMMITTED including volunteer professional services offered in-kind by the Project Steering Committee and the Chamber: More than $1.2 million in 2017.

Committed funds to date and partnerships

  • Economic Development Canada – Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (committed to Dec. 31, 2017):             $479,000
  • Municipality of La Pêche (in principle): $379,000
  • Centre local de Développement – CLD: $ 50,000
  • Tourisme Outaouais (To Be Confirmed): $ 50,000


TOTAL:   $958,000

Public Information Sessions 

February 17: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Centre Wakefield-La Pêche, Wakefield, QC

February 21: 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm, Basement of the Sainte-Cécile-de-Masham Church, Masham, QC


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