Hélène Giroux

Chair: Community Committee


Carolyn McAskie, Member of Board, Former President Wakefield Ensemble
Ken Bouchard, Wakefield Trails, former VP Wakefield Ensemble
Jackie Hansen, Wakefield Christmas Market
Dayna Chicoine, Aegle Events


To support issues of concern to the community as a whole, particularly non-profit citizen and volunteer groups, providing a dynamic and focused community forum for discussion, support and action for community driven initiatives which reflect the Wakefield spirit of volunteerism and community.

Major Initiatives:

  • Festivals and Events: a) Community Volunteer Data Bank; b) Community Festivals and Events Calendar; c) Community Inventory of Resources for Festivals and Events; d) comprehensive listings of events with links to individual websites.
  • Wakefield Spring: be the community voice for input to enhancement of the Wakefield spring.
  • Earth Day: a) manage Chamber participation in Earth Day 2016, including eco information to be provided by Chamber members, both for profit and non-profit; b) host Earth Day “WED Talks” on green issues.
  • Fleurons du Québec: connect with Provincial authorities to start preparing Wakefield to compete as a “Municipalité Fleurons”.
  • Wakefield Village Christmas lights and welcome sign: Put up the lights in Memorial Park and arrange for renovation of Wakefield Village Sign.