Glen Foster

Chair: Arts Committee


Glen Foster, David McKenzie, Maureen Marcotte, Peter Gillies, Greg Stone, Hannah Ranger, Kathryn Drysdale, Marjolijn Thie-ter Beek, John Barkley, Diane Lemire, Mareilyn Smith, Karel Aelterman, Stephanie Hill, Robert Snikkar.


The Arts Council’s overall mandate is to identify, consider, make proposals and act as needed regarding issues of concern to the arts community. It will work to:

Create networking opportunities between individual artists and arts groups; support artist members; promote Wakefield and area arts initiatives by increasing the visibility and viability of the arts; seek funding and sponsorships for local artists and arts groups; work with other Chamber councils to realize synergies to help the community as a whole.

 Major Initiatives:

  • Brochure of artists/artisans, and website directory for members.
  • Developing a mentorship program for young artists and artisans.
  • Working with the CLD and other regional arts group to create a “Route des Arts.”
  • Developing an artist education program with Culture Outaouais.
  • Working towards creating a commercial art gallery in Wakefield.